TCE Bursary Winner - Attempting to Equestrian

TCE Bursary Winner

In August I was selected as the winner of The Conscious Equestrian Bursary.

In August I was selected as the winner of The Conscious Equestrian Bursary. I really couldn’t believe it as there were so many strong entries. The TCE bursary exists to promote equestrian wellbeing, and I’ve very kindly been given £500 to spend on looking after myself!

I’m guilty of pouring all of my money into my horse and her care, and when it comes to my own that has always taken a back seat. I’ve been suffering with back pain for quite a long time, and it recently got to the point where it was unbearable at times.

With the help of the TCE bursary I have been and had an initial physio consultation. It was amazing! They got to the cause of the back pain very quickly, and I now have specific exercises to do to help improve the strength in my back.

I’ve also been taking part in an 8 week Pilates course with Equistable. It’s been so interesting, and I’ve loved learning the different exercises I can do which will help with my riding. Once the course has finished, I’ll be investing in some bits so I can carry on with Pilates at home!

I’m booked in for another physio session this week which I can’t wait for. Fingers crossed they can release even more tension in my back, and hopefully the exercises I’ve been doing at home have made some improvements.

Next up I’m going to be looking into having some sessions with a mindset coach. I’m very new to the world of competing with my horse, and it can be pretty daunting at times. I get myself so nervous and stressed with each trip that I sometimes forget it’s meant to be enjoyable!!

I’m currently taking a little break from social media to pause and have a think about what we want to achieve throughout the Autumn and Winter months. I feel it’s important to step back sometimes and reduce the pressure on ourselves. After all, we own horses because we love them, and ultimately it’s meant to be fun too!

I’m so grateful to Ali and The Conscious Equestrian for this opportunity, and I look forward to putting the rest of the bursary to good use over the next 9 months.

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