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Let’s have a chat about horse stuff

Not to panic anyone, but it’s June next month Genuinely can’t believe it’s the middle of May already, honestly, where…

Not to panic anyone, but it’s June next month

Genuinely can’t believe it’s the middle of May already, honestly, where is this year going? As many of you will know by now, I’m leaving the country in October to go travelling, AHHHH. I keep getting these waves of serious FOMO, and the hard ground has been hampering my summer plans.

We’re desperate to get out on some sponsored rides, go to some hunter trials, and hopefully compete in our first ODE this summer. Fingers crossed it can all happen, as I’m wanting to cram all the fun stuff in before I leave Belle for 6 months 🙁

Instead (for now anyway) we’re focusing on weekly lessons and our show jumping. Belle’s not built to be a speedy rosette winning show jumper, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

How are you finding Instagram at the moment?

I definitely don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. I used to want to partner with brands, and was determined to work with a select few, but I just can’t be arsed anymore.

So many of them make you jump through hoops, ask you to sign these stupid contracts where they get everything and you get nothing in return. Often, all for a branded saddle pad and a 10 quid bottle? NO THANKS.

The Beddown BA programme, for example – YAWN. Hey guys, make us a great reel that we can use for our own marketing, here’s a t shirt.

CONGRATULATIONS, you’re through to the rainbow unicorn stage of the application, keep creating free content for us, along with everyone else we’re stringing along, and guess what, you’ll get a different coloured t shirt next time. God it’s painful isn’t it?

Content creation is bloody hard work. It requires time, creative skills, software, planning, and a whole lot more. I’m no content creator, but I’ve sat there at times trying to put a fancy reel together with transitions, perfectly timed music, and it’s hard! People who create great content deserve to be paid for it.

But it seems in the equestrian world, lots of companies are willing to take take take, and the minute someone asks for actual payment it’s ‘sorry we can’t do that’.

Overly opinionated equestrians

It’s getting a bit boring, isn’t it. Seeing people beat others down, pick their riding apart, pick their horses apart. I don’t understand why everyone has to have an opinion on everything in the equestrian world. Do people realise they can keep their opinions to themselves?

It would seem not. Whether it’s commenting on an Instagram post or video, writing some utter shit in these ‘forums’ or bitching about people in behind closed doors Insta or WhatsApp groups, it is just never ending and I’m SO bored of it all.

Why can’t people just be left alone to enjoy their horses? We invest enough time and money in them to deserve to have a good time. I put up a slow-motion video onto my stories today and I thought to myself:

‘I bet there is someone who will be saying shit behind my back, and picking apart my riding’

There 100% will be, no doubt about it. However, no matter what level you’re at with your horse, there will always be some bellend with something negative to say about you.


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